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Is this an opensource project?


Is this an opensource project or did you post partial code to promote it? I noticed the only code posted was the Admin panel and I seen that you wrote:

"In this version, one user free for all AdvTicket features."

So is anything else other than the admin panel opensource? If so where is the rest of it?


JoePage wrote Aug 27, 2013 at 4:07 PM

Okay now I understand after going to the website. I just want to tell you this is misleading and a terrible way to market your product. First of all you are using codeplex to advertise your product and just posting an admin panel that is completely useless without the rest. It would be different if you posted an open source scaled down version of this, not just a piece of it. Although you knew this. Second of all, it should be opensource because I am not going to lie your in a very saturated market their is thousands of helpdesk/issue tracking solutions both free and paid that look better and work better. I am sick of seeing these projects popping up on here just to promote a paid service, offering a piece of code that really is nothing that isn't already on here. Offer a scaled down functional version or go use google adwords instead like the rest of the pack.